A Dashboard Warning Light Being Displayed Has Specific Meaning

It’s important that you take action for any of the warning lights being displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard. Because vehicles are designed with computer modules, there are constant messages being sent throughout your vehicle’s electrical system.

An engine light can be displayed because of a loose wire, a malfunctioning oxygen sensor, or even for accidentally leaving the parking brake on, while a vehicle is in motion. Those situations send signals to the computer that not only need to be checked to make sure everything is in proper working order, but also need to be reset by a trained technician who will diagnose the specific cause.

Other common warning light displays are:
• Service vehicle soon.
• Lamp out.
• Check brakes.
• Check battery.

These should receive prompt attention, but are typically maintenance or repairs needed. If any warning lights are displayed on your dashboard, please call Momentum Volkswagen for service, conveniently located in Houston, TX.
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