Take Care of Your Car's Battery at Momentum Volkswagen

The care and maintenance of your car's battery is one of the most important automotive care tasks you can perform. Regular testing and maintenance of your battery will allow dependable starting in all types of weather and continued running while on the streets of Houston.

First, you will need to locate the battery in your vehicle and make a note of the type of battery you have. You will have either an AGM battery or a wet-cell battery. For vehicles with a wet-cell battery, check the water levels every two to three months. Add only distilled water to the fill line if you discover a cell is low. An AGM battery will need to be checked periodically by a service technician. Both types of batteries will need the terminal inspected for corrosion regularly and cleaned with a wire brush if needed.

Voltage checks and a complete service of your battery is available at our Volkswagen service station in Houston, TX for optimal performance of your vehicle's battery.

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