Should You Inspect Your Suspension System?

It can be difficult for the average driver to detect suspension problems, especially internal parts like ball joints, and it is often not until they break that you know they need replacement. However you can listen for certain noises while driving that could indicate potential ball joint problems, and if detected bring your car into Momentum Volkswagen in Houston, TX for service.

Ball joints attach the wheels to the rest of your suspension system, so they experience a lot of stress and rotation. A bad or loose ball joint can result in very poor handling, and when one breaks while driving, it can lead to loss of control of your vehicle. If you start to notice creaking or squealing as you turn your vehicle, you should have your ball joints checked immediately.

If you are at all unsure that your ball joints or other parts of your suspension need replaced, contact our service team at Momentum Volkswagen for a suspension inspection today.

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