Take Care of Your Car's Battery at Momentum Volkswagen

The care and maintenance of your car's battery is one of the most important automotive care tasks you can perform. Regular testing and maintenance of your battery will allow dependable starting in all types of weather and continued running while on the streets of Houston.

First, you will need to locate the battery in your vehicle and make a note of the type of battery you have. You will have either an AGM battery or a wet-cell battery. For vehicles with a wet-cell battery, check the water levels every two to three months. 


Should You Inspect Your Suspension System?

It can be difficult for the average driver to detect suspension problems, especially internal parts like ball joints, and it is often not until they break that you know they need replaced. However you can listen for certain noises while driving that could indicate potential ball joint problems, and if detected bring your car into Momentum Volkswagen in Houston, TX for service.

Ball joints attach the wheels to the rest of your suspension system, so they experience a lot of stress and rotation. 


Keep Holiday Food Safe in Your Car

Taking food with you to the home of a family member during the holiday season can be fun, but you may find yourself feeling nervous that the food will spill all over your vehicle and cause a big mess. If you are careful, you can get the food to your family member's home without issue. Let the Momentum Volkswagen team help!

  • Place the food into a dish that you can trust to stay closed.
  • Place that dish in a solid box or a cooler and surround it with towels.
  • Place the box or cooler somewhere in your vehicle where…

The Importance of Maintaining Washer Fluid Levels

Washer fluid not only cleans your windshield, but it also acts as a lubricant to your reservoir system. The pump and hoses that spray washer fluid onto your windshield get lubricated by the washer fluid in the reservoir. When your washer fluid is low or empty, then these important components are lacking lubrication and begin to corrode.

In severe and extended cases, the pump and hoses can crack and stop functioning. This can result in having to replace hoses, pumps or other parts of the reservoir. It may not seem like a big deal, but making sure you have enough…


Get Your Automobile Serviced at the Dealership

Everyone knows that there are competent auto servicing businesses in every town in America, and that being the case why should you get your car serviced at the dealership?

For one thing, your local auto dealership, no matter what the make of car, is more experienced in working on and servicing that make of car than most independent technicians. The company invests a lot of money in the training of the mechanics and you will probably not get better work on your car anywhere.


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