At Volkswagen, there's a focus on the meaning of the phrase "Drive Bigger." More than just a catchphrase, it describes the company's commitment to changing the destination. Whether it's helping fund classroom projects or the company's commitment to developing electric vehicles and changing the current thinking regarding mobility and sustainability, that spirit informs everything Volkswagen does. Explore our full inventory of Volkswagen vehicles and discover the one that's right for you.


Both the Tiguan and Atlas SUVs are prime examples of the breed. The Tiguan is a stylish solution for drivers who need a smart SUV that's city-friendly in size, while the Atlas makes light work of everything on your family's to-do list. Both have the look and feel of a luxury SUV, without the attendant price tag.

VW Sedans

The Jetta offers the efficient, affordable sedan young professionals want, while the Jetta GLI adds a performance aspect to your daily driver. The Passat has long represented one of the greatest automotive values in Houston, with premium good looks and performance always on offer. Then there's the Arteon, which delivers a spacious, fastback-designed sedan that's loaded with upscale features and the latest technologies.

VW Hatchbacks

The Golf family of hatchbacks looks right at home on our showroom floor, since they boast European styling that reflects our boutique approach. Whether you're interested in the original Golf, enjoy the athletic appeal of the Golf GTI, want the sophisticated performance of the Golf R, or are intrigued by the forward-thinking e-Golf, you're sure to find that a Golf hatchback holds tremendous appeal - especially once you take one out on the open road.

VW Wagons

The Golf SportWagen and Golf Alltrack are ideal for drivers who enjoy the maneuverability of a smaller car, but need an SUV-like cargo capacity at times. Sporty and a delight to drive, these Volkswagen wagons hide their athletic nature beneath a veneer of practicality.